Amsterdam Is the Name, Entrepreneurship Is the Game! Why Is Amsterdam A Great Startup City?

Amsterdam. Capital of the Netherlands with a stunning cityscape and architecture, earth-shattering technological innovation, and, above all, a hyper-competitive professional environment. Whether we are talking about digital, creative, business or education, Amsterdam is the name and entrepreneurship is the game!

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How Do Facebook and Technology Influence Child Behavior?

Social-media-for-public-relations1When I was growing up in the early 90s there was no such thing as social media. We had never heard of Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, Google+ or MySpace, reason for which we spent all of our free time interacting with real people, talking and playing with kids our age, eventually building an active social life and strong bonds. Therefore, my question is: how are social media affecting our social behavior?

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Book Review: The Secret War Between Downloading and Uploading. Tales of the Computer as Culture Machine by Peter Lunenfeld

The Secret War Between Downloading and Uploading. Tales of the Computer as Culture Machine is a brilliant piece written by UCLA professor and digital media theorist Peter Lunenfeld, in which he sets out to explain his envisioning of the 21st century by analyzing the growth and fall of the dominant media and answering one, apparently easy, question:

“Who is the computer?” (146)

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Interview with A-list Romanian Blogger Zoso

This is an interview with blogger Vali Petcu, more known on the Romanian market as Zoso. In Romania, Zoso is considered one of the “A-list bloggers” and has been writing the most read blog for the last six years. New Media passionate, he has been involved in developing some of the early Romanian forums and websites. Although bloggers are frowned upon and are engaged in a constant fight with old-fashioned journalists, some are still very successful. Zoso is such an example and has agreed to share  his blogging experience and opinion on several aspects regarding social media and advertising issues in Romania. Considering his tight schedule, this interview was taken via email.

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True Blood Invades Virtual Reality


The development of new communication means in recent years has turned into a genuine PR and advertising opportunity. The rise of the Internet together with the changes in the behavior of the media consumer triggered a special interest in improving the marketing techniques. Let’s briefly look into the importance of New Media in advertising, focusing on the campaign started for the HBO TV-series True Blood.

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The Dichotomy of East and West

An absolutely incredible contemporary masterpiece about a self-absorbed man who is too corrupted by society’s Orientalist stereotypes to see the reversal of the sexual role. Wonderful performance by Jeremy Irons portraying Rene Gallimard, the Western dominant male who metamorphosizes into M(adama) Butterly.

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