Amsterdam Is the Name, Entrepreneurship Is the Game! Why Is Amsterdam A Great Startup City?

Amsterdam. Capital of the Netherlands with a stunning cityscape and architecture, earth-shattering technological innovation, and, above all, a hyper-competitive professional environment. Whether we are talking about digital, creative, business or education, Amsterdam is the name and entrepreneurship is the game!

But what makes Amsterdam really stand out? Is it the powerful start-up community and relaxed, but productive, atmosphere? The constant entrepreneur-oriented events like Creative Amsterdam, BubbleConf or The Next Web conference? How about the rich digital infrastructure and the overwhelming positive energy that the city both generates and accommodates? With qualities like these it should not come as a surprise that many successful companies such as Layar,, WeTransfer, Foodzy or LayerGloss are 100% Amsterdam-based.

In the competitive Amsterdam environment, it might sometimes be difficult to stay a step ahead of the rest, but that is where innovative communities like Appsterdam come in. The frequent meet-up groups and workshops organized come to the aid of developers and instill a strong sense of a helping community. So what if you find yourself stuck? Being part of a dynamic community allows you access to many different visions that may help your idea grow and evolve from one month to the other. Leaving behind popular business clichés, innovative strategy and approach are among the keys to the success of any startup.

Over the years, Amsterdam has proven to be the place where a strong affinity for startups can be seen on every canal. No nation in the world is as open minded, and happy I might add, as the Dutch who will gladly test any new application and give genuinely helpful feedback on how to improve the technicalities. Because at the end of the day, it’s the Dutch way to be constructive, isn’t it? The accessible lifestyle has also enhanced the steady bohemian and student environment, which in turn have originated a variety of opportunities for global contacts and international talent. As the number of angel investors has grown, so has the amount of potential found in this city. When you find yourself with the right ideas and the passionate drive to succeed, Amsterdam is a great place to join one of the startup accelerator programs such as Startupbootcamp, whose mentors and investors will always give valuable advice and help you manage and grow your business ideas.

This city has it all: an innovative environment, thriving community, corporate engagement, great people and amazing creative talent. No wonder multinationals like Philips, ING or Heineken have chosen Amsterdam to be their home!


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